Writers can be a funny bunch…

Many dream of being appreciated for their bons mots and insights, imagining that their ability to construct an argument or inspire an emotional reaction elevates them above the hoi polloi.

Some writers fall in love with their clever headlines, imagining that the attention-grabbing alliteration and puns that help the press sell newspapers (or click-throughs) will work just as well for the brand they’re promoting.

Others love their words so much that they expect their readers will too. So they use an awful lot of them, sometimes saying the same thing in artfully original ways, ad nauseam.

Now I’m a writer, and I love words. But when it comes to copywriting, I never forget that it’s all about selling. Always. What I write about and the way I write it; the number of words I use and the tone of voice I choose to adopt; they’re all employed with a single purpose in mind – to sell.

Whether I’m writing about a product (obvious), or a service (yes, that’s obvious too), I’m selling. But also if my client simply wants to convey some information, or raise awareness, or outline a concept, I’m always using my communication skills to sell.

Selling is the core of a copywriter’s message, it’s amazing how many writers forget, or ignore that basic truth.

The point: Copywriting is all about selling. Provocatively, subtly, insistently or obliquely, selling is the shop, the rest is window dressing.