Even before Aristotle identified the seven rules of story in his Poetics (335 BC), audiences have enjoyed a ripping yarn.

The best stories excite, feature great characters (sometimes flawed) and take us with them on a journey through life’s ups and downs. They linger in our memories long after we stop reading or watching.

And your brand story should do the same. Take those Innocent smoothie boys for example. The Innocent website might have told you about concept and funding and milestones and blah blah blah.

But instead it tells you that when three graduates sold their first home-made smoothies at a local music festival, customers were asked to chuck their empties into a ‘yes’ bin if they thought the boys should give up their jobs to continue with the business. Most did, and they ended up selling a 90 per cent stake of their company to Coke for undisclosed millions.

The story alone didn’t get them to that point of course (some quirky marketing and, oh yes, some nice drinks, had their part to play) but it did its bit to convey the home-grown, high-quality message that the millionaire boys retain to this day.

The point: Your company should be able to stand out from the crowd by identifying the part of your story that’s genuinely worth telling, the best bit. And if you can’t see it, perhaps you should engage a story expert who can.