Of course your product or service is the best there is…

But ramping up the language to match your opinion of it won’t necessarily convince your target audience. Samsung might claim its Galaxy S4 smartphone is “one of the most amazing products to hit the market since TVs went colour,” but customers are more likely to see the hype for what it is and:

a. Have unreasonably high expectations, turning to disillusionment, or
b. Simply write off the marketers’ claims as BS and ignore their good points

Better to keep it believable, while maintaining your positive spin. Apple’s ads have done extremely well simply by describing what the products can do.

Hyperbole has its place, but if you must go OTT, do it with a dash of humour, like Lynx: “Lynx Apollo is a heady mix of clary sage, quince and lavender that will give you the scent of an astronaut – and the love life.”

The point: Keep a hold of hyperbole by using it wisely and sparingly. Don’t try too hard, sometimes it’s best to engage your audience with believable messages to reach them most effectively.