I see my dentist about twice a year, routine stuff mostly…

He’s an excitable chap, but in a good way. He loves his job, loves his tech, and will talk for hours about the latest goings-on in dental care.

Now for most of the year, I’m about as interested in dental technology as I am in the contents of cat litter. But when I visit my dentist, he’ll talk about filling materials this and non-invasive treatment that and NHS incentives the other. And I’ll listen – and not just because he has a drill in my mouth. It’s because he clearly knows his stuff, and loves it, and as a result I trust him.

And when you’re doing something you love, it’s much easier (and more honest) to convey that enthusiasm in what you say, in what you do and in what you write. I have no idea if he knows he’s doing this, or just likes to do it, but either way it’s a terrific way to get his customers coming back for more.

Me, I love telling stories, and I always get excited when I’m telling one for the first time. If you’d like me to help tell yours, give me a shout.

The point: Be enthusiastic about your writing – it’s easier to write, and even easier to read. And if you can’t care about it, find someone who can.